Undisputed » 001 Set It Off

Undisputed » 001 Set It Off

100% legit, proper, and all-independent hip hop for all the true heads out there.  Enter the resident Starchitect and make some noise for new The Undisputed Hip Hop Show.

Let’s keep it short and sweet and get to the music, because I’m just as excited as you.  There’s a lot of hip hop out there going unnoticed today, and I’ve been hearing about the death of hip hop for entirely too long for one reason or another (guns, bling, bitches, etc).  But that simply isn’t true, and hip hop isn’t dead.

Way to state the obvious, right? But, listen — one thing’s for sure. There are a number of new artists that you’re not listening to, that have released new material in the past year. A lot of it is deserving of your ear and no doubt will keep your head bangin’.

I can understand why people tire of the same commercial rappers. I do too. As their releases progress over the years, I don’t really relate to them or their lifestyles, and almost feel as if once you hit the level of a mainstream artist, you lose the struggle. You lose the ability to relate to who you’re talking to and making music for — authenticity suffers, the hustle dies, and you lose the things that keep you honest.

Let’s be real here — it happens in every industry. It doesn’t necessarily even happen in hip hop, or in music for that matter. When you lose that that fire in your stomach that’s pushing you to keep going, you don’t try as hard to come correct or starch it. You become complacent and you just go through the motions.

But! I’m not hatin’ on those heads that’ve made it. I’m just saying that there are plenty of people coming up in the game that people haven’t discovered based on some wack generalization that hip hop is dead. It means you weren’t looking. Luckily, I pour through new releases every week to make sure that I stir up the same passion I had as a kid for hip hop culture — these are tracks that reinforce my hope in the progression and elevation of the rap game, and I share that with you. These artists that I’ve picked aren’t complacent about their craft and what they do. I’d like to think that they’re just like you.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that this is my first stab at a hip hop show and I wanna hear what you think. I’ve broadcast material in the rock, metal, and RPM formats before (on-air, not necessarily via podcast), but this is the first time I’m picking an all-independent hip hop set. If you’ve got something to say, about the artists, the show itself, the tracks I picked, my swag (or lack of), or whatever — leave it in the comments and I’ll chat you up.

And, If you’re an MC or DJ, I’m all about hearing new things. So if you’ve got something that you think I’d enjoy and eventually play, please send it to me! I give you that info in the podcast… hit it up!

Till next!



The Undisputed Hip Hop Show 001
“Set It Off” Playlist:

  1. Mr. SOS – “Welcome To The Future (Chew Fu’s Bionic RMX)” (mp3) from “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” (QN5, Inc., 2009)
    Buy at iTunes Music Store
  2. The Insects – “Wonder Years (feat. Josh Martinez)” (mp3) from “Gone Pt. 1” (Camobear Records, 2009)
    Buy at iTunes Music Store
  3. Jurassic 5 – “Gotta Understand” (mp3) from the “Iller Sessions” compilation (Bomb Hip Hop, 2008)
    Buy at iTunes Music Store
  4. Superstar Quamallah“You Need Knowledge” (mp3) from “Invisible Man” (Brick Records, 2009)
    Buy at iTunes Music Store
  5. The Kid Daytona Perfect” (feat. Outasight)from “Come Fly With Me” (Notherground Records, 2009)
    Free download directly from the artist
  6. Jake Lefco “Teeth Chatter” from “Missing Trooth” (KRU Records, 2008)
    Buy at Amazon Downloads
  7. CasOne“Two Steppin’ (feat. Tommy Jamin)” (mp3) from “Liberation” (Clocktower Collective, 2009)
    Buy at iTunes Music Store
  8. Noisy Stylus – “Broccoli Wars” (mp3) from “Return of the DJ Vol. V” (Bomb Hip Hop, 2003)
    Buy at iTunes Music Store
  9. Roscoe Umali – “I Remember” (Featuring Raekwon the Chef and Smif & Wesson) from “I Love My DJs(Mediaworks-Artisans, 2007)
    Buy at Amazon Downloads
  10. Def Tex – “Late Saturday Night Joint” (mp3) from “Thanks But No Thanks” (Son Records, 2007)
    Buy at Amazon Downloads
  11. Kool G Rap – “100 Rounds” (mp3) from “Half A Klip” (Latchkey Recordings, 2008)
    Buy at iTunes Music Store
  12. Domingo – “Street Hustle – feat. Immortal Technique” (mp3) from “The Most Underrated” (Latchkey Recordings, 2007)
    Buy at iTunes Music Store

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