Metalcal Dictionary 001 » It begins…

Metalcal Dictionary 001 » It begins…

Hey all, welcome to the first of our new metal/punk/hard rock show on Metalcal Dictionary. This show is definitely explicit and shouldn’t be listened to by the faint of heart or morals. This time we’ve got Moody on decks bringing you some straight up death metal with a few surprises mixed in there. We’re hoping to bring you a show once or twice a month and maybe switch out DJs as the genre warrents, so keep at it and check out the shows as they come.

The name of the show comes from when me and my buddies would make up metal song names using a medical dictionary to basically say gory things, but in a scientific way. You know, cuz it’s metal to be smart. Anyway, turn it up and rock the fuck out!


  1. “The Holocaust Incarnate” – Aborted – Use the Googles
  2. “Veil of Maya” – Cynic – Buy
  3. “Pig Crazy” – Black Elk – Buy
  4. “60 Steps” Anascara – Buy
  5. “Murmaider” – Dethklok – Buy
  6. “Tentacle” – Pig Destroyer – Buy
  7. “Man is Too Ignorant to Live” – Eyehategod – Buy
  8. “Emerald Sword” – Dragonforce – demo
  9. “Corporal Jigsore Quandary” – Carcass – Buy
  10. “The Bleeding” – Cannibal Corpse – Buy
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About the Author

Moody has had many names, many locations, but it's always been about the music. Way back when he "DJ'd" using a duel cassette deck to when he actually had a real radio show to now, the digital era, Moody plays what he feels and hopes that you'll follow along, mood-swings and all.