turkeydinner » 005 Lovefingers

turkeydinner » 005 Lovefingers

Tonight we got something special for you all. One of my favorite DJs and podcasters is Lovefingers. His podcast has a lot of different tracks he finds around and offers us a myriad of eclectic music from all over the spectrum. Tonight, I’m presenting ten of my recent favorites.

Get tracks and sign up for his podcast here.

Learn about Lovefingers at FACT Magazine.

See him DJ and other info on his MySpace.


  1. “Lamp Lighter” – Paul Nicholas – lovefingers.org
  2. “Pink Champaigne” – Jean Claude Pierric – lovefingers.org
  3. “Afterthought” – Craig Peyton – lovefingers.org
  4. “Another Day Gone” – Matthew Larkin Cassell – lovefingers.org
  5. “Pure Love” – Holzer and Kamura – lovefingers.org
  6. “Captain Africa” – Aquarium – lovefingers.org
  7. “Emile (Night Rate)” – Aural Exciters – lovefingers.org
  8. “Psyche I and Share Your Water” – These Trails – lovefingers.org
  9. “She Began to Lie” – Greg Hale Jones – lovefingers.org
  10. “Brucerei” – Berte Loredana – lovefingers.org
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