Behind The Name

Behind The Name

Being the pop culture nerds that we are, it just seemed amazingly obvious to call a site “Crane Kick.” The name is a reference to the first Karate Kid movie, which, if you haven’t seen the movie, in the final scene (SPOILER AHEAD) the protagonist takes down his version of Goliath with a crane kick — one swift move that delivers a blow to the face.

After the protagonist’s bully kisses the mat and loses, the protagonist not only gets the girl, but earns the respect of his peers. Who wouldn’t wanna be down with the newly championed karate hero? Really, what’s more epic than a Crane Kick to the face, you know?

Anyway, it’s a really great movie. You should see it. It’s like Eminem in 8 Mile only there’s no rapping and he gets the girl.

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