The music that we’ve sorted through in vinyl, CD, and various digital formats are strictly for promotional purposes only. In all cases, the music that we play has either been purchased by us individually or has been provided to us either by the artists and bands themselves, or an entity that is acting as a distributor on behalf of the artists’ respective production companies and/or record labels.

We are keenly aware of acknowledging and recognizing all the hardworking artists, labels, and distributors that appear on our shows; that is why we feature and promote them so heavily. We provide music lovers like ourselves with the opportunity to quickly reference and/or purchase the artists’ work, and do our part by obscuring the capture of entire songs as well.

  • If you represent an artist featured on CraneKick and would like your content removed from all portions that feature it on this site, please contact us.
  • If you are a music lover or arts supporter, thank you for listening to us. If you like the songs that we are playing, please support us by not only supporting your local scene — but by supporting the artist that you heard and buy their music. Support the distribution and promotion of these hardworking artists, like us, by purchasing their music or telling a friend about something that you enjoyed (that they probably would enjoy as well). Thank you!
  • If you are an artist yourself or run an independent record label, and would like us to review your material for possible airtime on any of The CraneKick Network’s shows, we are more than happy to! Though we cannot guarantee that we can and will play everything that we receive, we always love to hear what you’re up to and are oftentimes as passionate about music as much as you enjoyed creating it for the world, for appreciators like us. We’ll post about anything that we like, so if you feel that we will enjoy your music, please get into touch with us to submit your material.
  • If you are looking to syndicate CraneKick’s content in whole or in part, in some kind of way, we’d be more than flattered, but we’ll write this part of the disclaimer when we cross that bridge.

Thanks for listening!

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