About CraneKick

About CraneKick

The premise is simple: We love discovering new things. We also love radio, but unfortunately — we never catch songs at the proper time when listening to live radio. And sometimes, we never even catch the name of songs we’ve discovered by tuning in. We like podcasts because we get things “on-demand” (OMG a buzzword — NOOOOO), can listen to things whenever we want, and we always catch the name of something new we enjoyed.

Internet radio is awesome, but there’s a weird coldness to the automation of a machine or algorithm of some kind picking your songs. And although we think Sirius and XM are doing great things in the space, the truth is that when we’re driving around listening to some of these stations, they’re just playing the same old stuff on repeat. (How many times does one station have to play Stone Temple Pilots or that birthday sex song in a 2-hour time block? No. Not cool.)

Between these two spaces is where we hope to steer our direction. CraneKick is a collective that believes that media is only as important as the friends you make it with, and that the more friends you have to share your stuff with, the better it often is. Though there are probably 20 different convoluted ways to say what it is that we’re trying to do here, we just wanted to thank you for checking us out.

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About the Author

The Admin is the omnipresent helper robot that slices, splices, dices, & makes tons of Julienne fries for you and all your friends to enjoy. Unlike most robots, The Admin has feelings, but no face on which to express them. They enjoy a Dashboard Confessional song every now & again.