turkeydinner » 002 Orchestrated Jazz

turkeydinner » 002 Orchestrated Jazz

The summer heat had nearly burned us to a crisp out here in “rainy” Portland, OR, but we survived, albeit a little scathed, a little hurt, a little in need of something chill (literally and figuratively) to help us lick our wounds, recover and be ready for the last month of summer.

That’s why this time around, turkeydinner will be served with some orchestrated jazz. What it was, is and has become. The whole lot.

Like a lot of jazz coming out these days, some of the very best stuff is no longer coming out of the United States anymore. That’s why you’re going to hear some stuff from Germany, France and the UK. But here is one group that while from the very core of the US, gets more radio play overseas than here. They are the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble out of Chicago and they are not to be missed or ignored. YouTube has a plethora of videos and street performances. Here’s one I fancy:

One of their tracks is in today’s podcast as well as many other great works. So sit back and relax and let these songs smooth your summer blues away…


  1. “Tell Me Stories” – The Heritage Orchestra – Buy
  2. “Held Him First” – Sonar Kollektiv Orchester – Buy
  3. “Wonderful World (Acoustic Version with Strings)” – Clara Hill – Buy
  4. “The Audience” – The Matthew Herbert Big Band – Buy
  5. “Jazz Pour Dadine” – Nicola Conte – Buy
  6. “Jupiter” – Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Buy
  7. “All That You Give (Album Version)” – The Cinematic Orchestra – Buy
  8. “Sing Sing Sing” – Benny Goodman – Buy
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