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  • turkeydinner » 005 Lovefingers

    turkeydinner » 005 Lovefingers

    Tonight we got something special for you all. One of my favorite DJs and podcasters is Lovefingers. His podcast has a lot of different tracks he finds around and offers us a myriad of eclectic music from all over the spectrum. Tonight, I'm presenting ten of my recent favorites.

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  • Halloween ’09 Mix Tape!

    Halloween ’09 Mix Tape!

    Today we're bringing you something a little different than a straight up podcast. Instead we're harking back to the days of mix tapes. And to start us off on this new/old tradition, a very special Halloween mix by our very own Moody, enjoy!

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  • turkeydinner » 002 Orchestrated Jazz

    turkeydinner » 002 Orchestrated Jazz

    The summer heat had nearly burned us to a crisp out here in "rainy" Portland, OR, but we survived, albeit a little scathed, a little hurt, a little in need of something chill (literally and figuratively) to help us lick our wounds, recover and be ready for the last month of summer.

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